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As the coronavirus pandemic gained momentum in March 2020, governments across the world introduced a variety of lockdown measures which had a massive, negative impact on many industry sectors. None more so than the events industry. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions all closed down. Ever resilient, events companies looked at moving their physical events online, and the virtual event ‘gold rush’ was born. However, as many organisations discovered, many, if not all, of the available off-the-shelf event platform software packages were far from flexible, and the after sales support left much to be desired.

Having investigated a number of these virtual event platforms, and found them wanting, Angel Business Communications, a major UK-based event organiser, decided to build its own solution. Called 'Connect', this virtual event platform has already been used by the company to host several its own highly successful events.

Recently, Angel Business Communications ran a series of six conferences and exhibitions for a leading client in the open source arena and have more events confirmed before the end of the year using the platform while several organisations in the semiconductor and quarrying industries have used the virtual platform to run their flagship events (one of which has 500+ exhibitors!).

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